Ilok cellars

A vacation in the heart of Srijem Podunavlje

Besides being one of the most beautiful cities in this part of Europe, Ilokisan attractive oenological and gastronomic destination which back in Roman times was called “the relish of the world” or “delicium mundi”.

On the picturesque slopes of Fruškagora, vineyards have been cultivated for 1800 years where vines bear high quality grapes with top quality wines that have made this region famous. Ilok cellars’ famous sorts of Traminac and Graševina have grown out of this tradition, and it was in these old cellars that in the 15th and 18th centuries, the Odescalchifamily of princely rank bottled wine in the chateau manner even two hundred years before Bordeaux and Burgundy. Bottling on the property protected their quality as well as the cellar reputation. It has remained so to this day. If the bottle has no mark of original bottling, then the wine has not been produced in Ilok Cellars.

Bottling on the property guarantees wines their originality and individuality. That is just what superior quality Traminac is like and it has been produced here since 1710, and is reputed among true wine loversas the best among European sorts of Traminac. Even though you can taste it anywhere in Croatia and the world, the feeling is unique when drunk in the Old Cellar in the centre of Ilok, a tourist complex which, besides the mentioned cellars from the 15th and 18th centuries, has a restaurant with a rich and plentiful Srijem cuisine and 18 modern apartments overlooking the Danube and the mild nature.

After superb oenology and gastronomy experiences, the small tourist train called TraminacExpress is the fastest and simplest way of getting to know the cultural monuments of Ilok and the wine roads to the city that wind to Principovac, the best known wine-growing position of the region. There, in the middle of the vineyard, stands the once summer property and residence of the Odeschalchis, today within the Ilok Cellars with five apartments and a castle with an excellent modern restaurant, wine bar and viewpoint. Besides tennis, volleyball, golf and badminton courts, recreationists and lovers of the outdoor will find eight kilometres of asphalted road that invites visitors to walking, jogging or cycling. In one word, the perfect destination for a spring vacation.