An interview with Helena Trajkovski, head of Mastercard marketing for the Croatian and Slovene market

Mastercard supports the Adrian project in 2017

Mastercard, one of the most popular cards which makes many services more available and favorable, supports the Adrian project this year also. In supporting the best in the category of small and family hotels in the organization of Slobodna Dalmacija, it wishes to give its contribution to Croatia as a tourist destination and contribute as well in making tourists feel welcome in Croatia.

This summer we are speaking to Helena Trajkovski, head of Mastercard marketing for the Croatian and Slovene market, concerning Croatian tourism and the planned activities of Mastercard.


Mastercard is continuing in its cooperation with Slobodna Dalmacija on the Adrian project, so how does it fit into the Croatia strategy of your company?

“Summer is an exceptionally important part of the year for Mastercard®, first of all because it marks the peak of the tourist season. Mastercard has been using its global and regional network for years in the promotion of Croatia as a tourist destination, and as support to the present project of choosing and awarding the best in the category of small and family hotels in the organization of Slobodna Dalmacija our contribution is to make tourists feel welcome in our country “ ponited out Helena Trajkovski, director of marketing for Croatia and Slovenia in the Mastercard company.

“In a range of small and family hotels in Croatia, many conveniences are available for Mastercard card users. Besides the conveniences of early arrival and late departure and various gifts, there are also discounts on accommodation services, and the entire list is available at Besides the various benefits in supporting the Adrian project, we teach tourists that Croatia is a country that offers many amenities and that payment with Mastercard, which is welcome, is fast and secure“, added Helena Trajkovski, director of marketing for Croatia and Slovenia in the Mastercard company.


Helena Trajkovski, direktorica marketinga za Hrvatsku i Sloveniju u kompaniji Mastercard

What new activities and actions have you got for citizens and tourists?

“During the three summer months of last year, our coast was visited by 8.43 million tourists, of which 93% were foreigners, and the result of our master index research shows that even this year domestic tourists will stream to the Adriatic. Namely, 58% of the examinees plan to spend their summer holidays in Croatia, of which 49% in their own accommodation or staying with friends and these mainly from Dalmatia and Zagreb and surroundings, while 42% plan to stay in private accommodation. 12% plan to stay in hotels”, Helena Trajkovski explained.

“We are doing our best in trying to make their stay as pleasant as possible with numerous benefits that we have ensured Mastercard card owners not only in hotels but in series of hostels, clubs, restaurants and bars along the coast and in continental Croatia. A full list of possibilities in one’s own city and the destination chosen for vacation is available at One needs to visit to get the necessary information on all possible discounts in paying entrances to events, excursions, museums and performances, Trajkovski stated and added: “We wish to make a tourist’s stay more pleasant with these numerous benefits and help them to realize this priceless experience.”

“Besides the aforesaid, we support various projects such as INmusic Festival, Ultra Europe Festival and the Dubrovnik Summer Games within which we offer numerous benefits to Mastercard card users “, Helena Trajkovski added and explained that, except for its various benefits, the card is also a very good ally during the summer vacation:  ”We can always easily use it when on the beach and do not need to look for an ATM, worry whether cash will get wet and know that we are ready for all situations.   There is also the no-contact payment which is particularly practical for payments below 100 kunas where a PIN is not needed and neither any signature. Fast, simple and safe – ideal for a vacation.”

What are the advantages of paying with cards and how much are they used by domestic and foreign tourists?

Helena Trajkovski also told us that the research results of Master Index performed last year showed that new trends in the payment industry are being followed in Croatia: “We like cards all the more, the popularity of non-contact and mobile payment is growing and buying online continues to be attractive to a great number of examinees. The research showed that domestic users are aware of the advantage of card usage, among which they state the fact that it is not necessary to withdraw cash, the possibility of payment in instalments, useful in paying while travelling, no fear of losing cash, possibility of tracking expenses, buying online, discounts and possibilities of non-contact payment.”

“The results clearly show that paying in cash, which is used mostly in paying amounts up to 100 kunas, is less and less popular – even 76% of examinees prefer to pay with cards at the sales venues. Cash is preferred by 24% compared to 27% of the questioned in May of 2015, and the use of card is generally on the rise with the degree of education and payment power. Cards are most often used in paying for clothes and footwear, food and drinks, and fuel at gas stations. The use of cards during travelling  has been increasing in general with age group and income, and 50% of examinees will use a card and more than 40% in purchasing” Helena Trajkovski added.

Additional information (festivals and Priceless Croatia):

In Croatia, the tourist season begins in June and the peak of the season is in August, while 75% of all tourists come during the three summer months. In 2015 Croatia was visited by 14.3 million tourists, while in 2016 it was 15.5 million tourists. This increase is surely due to the blooming of festival tourism which has popularized Croatia as an ideal summer destination for vacation and entertainment. Besides the numerous tourists who, according to research, stay in Croatia a few days after the festival, festivals bring innovation and methods of payment such as non-cash and non-contact payment. INmusic Festival in Zagreb, Ultra Europe Festival in Split and the Dubrovnik Summer Games are the most famous festivals in Croatia where Mastercard and Maestro card users have the opportunity of realizing numerous benefits.

If you go to the Ultra Europe Festival…

This year’s Ultra Europe Festival– one of the biggest and best-known festivals of electronic music in the world– will take place from July 14 to 16 on Poljud in Split. A special Mastercard and Maestro concession of non-contact cards is a supplement to the festival cards without payment of any fee.  Also, all payments over 250 kn in restaurants or bars at the Ultra Europe festival will give Mastercard and Maestro card users a 10% discount. Regular non-contact Mastercard and Maestro card users can buy food and drinks in special venues during the Ultra Europe Festival. Mastercard non-contact cards enable fast and safe purchasing, and for any purchase under 100 kunas users do not need a PIN nor signature.

If you go to the Dubrovnik Summer Games…

The Dubrovnik Summer Games have been the most important cultural manifestation in the country for almost seven decades. Dubrovnik transforms into a unique world stage of culture and art lasting 47 days. During the 68th festival from July 10 to August 25, visitors will be able to see numerous drama, music and dancing programs performed by 2,000 artists from all over the world at about 20 ambience venues throughout the city. Mastercard and Maestro cards can realize benefits upon buying tickets – online ticket system and in the sales offices in Dubrovnik and acquire a 10% discount.  Furthermore, when buying tickets worth at least 500 kunas, users get a voucher with 30% discount on the official festival souvenirs.  Mastercard is also the sponsor of one of the most attractive music programs of this year’s Games – the concert of the famous British singer Zare McFarlane whose awarded music is a refined combination of jazz and soul music.  The audience will able to enjoy this concert on August 24.

But that’s not all…

Besides the various conveniences available at festivals, there are numerous other surprises for all Mastercard card users in restaurants, bars, hotels, hostels and apartments throughout Croatia, among which are Noa Club on the island of Pag, Swanky Mint Hostel in u Zagreb, 60 family and small hotels on the Adriatic, Brijuni National Park, Crodux gas stations and discounts on tickets bought online at Croatia Tickets platform. Furthermore, in the coming tourist season our country has joined the global platform of Mastercard Priceless Cities as Priceless Croatia ( Once registered on the web pages of Priceless Croatia, Mastercard card users from the entire world can enjoy excursions to the Blue and Green Cave on the island of Biševo and lunch at Palmižana Meneghello Restaurant on Paklinski islands or during private sailing on the Neretva River in traditional boats.  Unique experiences in the first Croatian restaurant specialized in truffle dishes in Zigante in Istria are in store for gourmets as well as in the popular seafood Foša Restaurant in Zadar, while the people from Zadar and their guests can have a look at the fascinating world of illusions during their private visit of the Museum of Illusions accompanied by an illusionist. The visitors of Dubrovnik can explore within their tour, while music fans have the VIP backstage access to the Ultra Europe Festival in Split or at a concert on St. Michael’s fortress in Šibenik.  These experiences are accompanied by unique offers such as various benefits in accommodation, culinary surprises in top restaurants, discounts in tickets to museums and unique festival benefits.

You can check the list of all the places where it is possible to realize additional benefits by paying with Mastercard card at i


Additional information (commercial cooperation):


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